Fire in My Bones

I LOVE this verse. I had to memorize it in college for my Old Testament class. When I learned it then I loved it, but as time goes on my understanding has deepen and my love for this verse has grown. You see, I have always felt called to do ministry as a fulltime vocation, but where I am at in life this is not a reality. I have a job but we are under strict orders to NOT speak of anything religious. This is hard for me (not because I want to talk about religion, doctrine and all that stuff) because of the truth of Jesus that is burned onto my heart. Yes I can show people I work with the love of Jesus through serving them, having a good attitude and all that…BUT…that’s not enough for me. There is in me a burning fire shut up in my bones; a fire that’s deepest desire is to connect people with Love. I have grown weary of holding this in. I try my best with where I work to let Jesus shine through and he does. It is not enough for me to work a job that’s main focus is not Jesus. Yes, he is the main focus of my life, but I need that to also me the focus of my job. There is too much of him in me to do any other kind of work then spreading his fame.  I need to be in a place where Jesus is my job, my number one mission, and my number one focus. I know that God has called me to do fulltime ministry, but until he provides the means for that I will expectantly wait. 

This verse speaks boldly to my soul, because in so many ways this is what I am crying out. I cannot wait for the day when all will not have to be shut up in my bones. I am growing weary of hold him in. 

Back to the business of looking at the blessing of today. I count it a blessing that I have discovered Henry’s!! 

Henry’s is a small coffee shop/cafe in downtown Indy. I have a strong affinity for coffee shops. This one is off the beaten path, so I intensely fell in love with it when I first found the little place. Also, they have a killer chicken pesto sandwich for lunch.  I ran in today and picked up some coffee and lunch. I didn’t have time to stay, but just being in there for the few minutes it took to make my order definitely brought some happiness to my day. Henry’s just brings some extra spark of happiness to my life. 

I hope you’ve found some extra spark of joy in your life today!


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