Choosing WHAT to Believe

“God’s providence is His constant care for and His absolute rule over all his creation for His own glory and the good of His people…the twofold objective of God’s providence: his own glory and the good of His people. These two objectives are never antithetical; they are always in harmony with each other. God never pursues His glory at the expense of the good of His people, nor does He ever seek our good at the expense of His glory.”

“The doctrine of God’s providence clearly affirms that we can trust God. God does care for us and he does constantly—no just occasionally—govern all the affairs of our lives.“

 “As God’s rule is invincible, so it is incomprehensible. His ways are higher than our ways (see Isaiah 55:9). His judgments are unsearchable, and His paths are beyond tracing out (see Romans 11:33). The sovereignty of God is often questioned because man does not understand what God is doing. Because he does not act as we think He should, we conclude He cannot act as we think He would.

Jerry Bridges, Trusting God

We have a choice each day in what we are going to believe. Depending on what we choose to believe our days, inevitable our lives, will be be greatly directed by what we choose to believe. 

In my current circumstances I can choose to believe in God’s sovereignty and providence, or I can choose to believe the lies that so easily entangle my heart and mind. I have found myself, all too often, choosing to believe the lies. I have been choosing to look at my current place in life through my own understanding. When I look at my life through that lens I believe that where I am at in life is not good enough. I start to believe that God is not in control of my life and doesn’t have good things in store for me. This does nothing but breed insecurity within myself, a doubting heart and a frantic mind. I think we have all been there before.

The great thing is we have a choice not to live our lives this way. It is our choice to believe in God’s sovereignty or to lean on our own understanding. I don’t know about you but God has always been faithful in my life. He has always come through. He has never failed me. I have to start fully trusting and taking steps of faith in that trust even when I don’t understand. Leaning on my own understanding has never gotten me far. I don’t understand a lot of what God is doing in my life right now. I don’t understand a lot of why the world works the way it does. If I am honest, I really I don’t understand that much about life. What I do understand and know is that God has never let me down. I would venture to say that in your walk with him he has never let you down. He is in control, even we don’t understand what he is doing. He is not only in control, but he has our good embedded as part of his plan to bring about his glory. We have to believe this! We have to trust this! 

I am choosing to believe in his trustworthiness and not my understanding.  I can rest in knowing he is faithful with my good in mind. I can have a believing heart and a claim mind knowing God is in total control of my life. I can be content and accept where I am at in life right now, not because of the circumstances, but because of who God is. I am learning to be content, but not based on what I have or don’t have, but based on God’s sovereignty and providence. My good is a part of his plan.

I’m trusting! I am choosing to believe!